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Microbiome Testing

Microbiome testing is an emerging science where the microorganisms that live within your gut are profiled.  

Many people looking to have these tests done then have difficulties interpreting their results, can be alarmed by the findings and may over-interpret the findings. This is where I can come in and help- I have registered with a leading microbiome testing company to ensure that I can help you understand what these results actually mean, what positive changes you may be able to make and where the science is currently sitting. Your results need to be considered as a component of your wider health and it is easy to get tunnel vision when interpreting the results, which is not beneficial for your well-being.

These tests are not used to diagnose conditions and only provide and insight into what is going on inside your gut. This test is not an essential step in resolving any gut issues you may have e.g. those experiencing difficulties with FODMAPs, would still benefit from a FODMAP plan.

What this test does provide an insight into:

  • The diversity of your gut microbiome- this is then compared to the diversity and species collected from healthy populations. We do not know what a healthy microbiome looks like exactly, and it may vary for each person, but we do know diversity is beneficial.

  • The balance of your microbiome

  • The functional potential of your microbiome- how well your gut microbiome can breakdown the foods you are eating, the metabolites and vitamins the bacteria in your gut may be able to produce with a balanced diet and whether these could be beneficial to your health

  • Whether your current diet is supporting this functional potential

  • Which foods do promote beneficial bacteria living in your gut

  • Whether the probiotics you have been taking have made a difference to your microbiome, positive or negative

  • Monitor the impacts of antibiotics on your gut microbiome and its recovery

  • Monitor the changes to your diversity with diet changes and symptoms that may relate

As this is a new science and the findings constantly growing, our understandings of what microbes are doing can change. This information will be updated in your virtual report as this happens.

There are two packages available for this testing (consults can be online or in-person):

Option 1 

This option includes the microbiome test kit, postage and shipping, your personalised microbiome report and a 45-minute consultation with me to explain your report findings and dietary and lifestyle changes you can make. Follow-up consultations are available to continue to explore these findings, your nutrition goals and making realistic changes.

Option 2 

This option is the more personalised approach to microbiome testing. This includes an initial 45-minute consultation with me to develop understanding of your current health and nutrition status, as well as personal goals. After your microbiome test has been sent back and analysed,  there is a 45-minute follow-up consultation.I will explain the findings of your report and discuss nutrition and lifestyle goals specific to your context to improve your well-being.

Note: These package prices include the cost charged by the laboratory. I do not receive a fee from this.

If you have already completed a microbiome test, a consultation can be arranged for interpretation and advice.

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