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What To Expect

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Initial Consultation

In-Person or Online

Make a booking by calling 0405 933 223, emailing or using the online contact form.

You will be emailed a pack including some forms to complete & sign, what to expect from your consult and how to prepare.

Your initial consultation can be at multiple locations, or via Zoom. See below for more info.

Initial Consultations

An initial consultation about 60 minutes long. In this time, we will ask you quite a few questions to get to know you and complete a thorough nutrition assessment. To ensure all advice and plans are tailored to suit you, I will ask about your goals, your circumstances, habits and history. We will discuss your current diet and lifestyle, considering your health issues or concerns.

Based on our discussion, we will assess your nutritional needs and together, develop a personalised action plan to improve your health. Consultations vary from person to person, though typically we will spend some time explaining your health issues or concerns in relation to relevant evidence, how diet may influence this and provide recommendations to make practical changes. You'll always leave with strategies to implement and steps towards your goals.

Review Consultations

Review sessions are useful as making diet and lifestyle changes can be intimidating and takes time. These sessions ensure you have ongoing support by discussing your current plan and if you have had any barriers, we will develop solutions. Through these sessions, your dietitian will monitor your progression towards your goals. There will often be structured education sessions across these sessions to prepare you for long-term success.

Why Online Consultations?

We understand everyone is busy, and prioritising our health isn’t always easy to do when we are running around and following through on other commitments. Online consults are just like in-person consultations. You will be provided with any necessary resources and the education provided is just the same quality. The benefit of online consults is that you don’t need to leave your home, rush around or worry about traffic. The process is simple and secure. You will receive the same level of nutrition advice, support and encouragement to reach your goals as in-person consults.

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