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Coeliac Disease

Have you recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and just don’t know what to do now? What to eat, where to eat, how to stay gluten-free? Or feeling stuck after years being gluten-free? I’m here to help.

Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune disorder, where eating gluten results in damage to the small intestine, reducing the absorption of important nutrients. The symptoms can vary- some experience debilitating symptoms, while others don’t notice any symptoms at all. In both cases, the damage the small intestine occurs. With Coeliac Disease, gluten must be completely removed from their diet.

I have Coeliac Disease myself and know the struggles, anxiety and confusion that comes with diagnosis. I can work with you to learn how to avoid gluten, read labels, prevent cross-contamination and have a balanced diet. It can be difficult eating gluten-free both inside and out of the house, so I will work with you to know how to plan ahead and work with family and friends. It is important to have a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease before removing it from your diet- please consult your GP if you suspect this is the case.

If you have had Coeliac Disease for a while, I can help by reviewing your diet to ensure it is nutritionally balanced, update you on the food labelling laws and go through any problems you have experienced. You may be following a strict gluten-free diet but experiencing symptoms, I can help you identify what may be causing this.

If you have undergone tests and have had Coeliac Disease ruled out, but you know that you experience symptoms when eating gluten or wheat products, see the food intolerance page.

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