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Where I Can Help

Weight Management

Are you confused by all the nutrition advice you’re getting from friends, family, the internet? Sick of diets that don’t work? Are you just unsure where to start?

Restrictive dieting, obsessive counting and the cycle of loss and gain should not feel like the only way. General weight-loss diets do not have a positive effect on your physical, psychological or nutritional well-being, nor do they prepare you for sustainable changes. If you have tried to diet and “failed” you are not alone and are in the majority. However, it makes sense- these fads and generic plans do not consider you, your health and your behaviours. This cycle can take a toll on your well-being, and there is another way.

I understand how the world of nutrition and health currently feels overwhelming to many- often feeling like there is no trustworthy information and that nutrition science is constantly backflipping on advice- this is not the case, fortunately.

Whether you have tried to diet before or not, a personalised plan that provides you with knowledge and skills for the future is the best way to develop a healthy relationship with your body and food, resistant to the misinformation available. I consider your activity, sleep, stress, medications, medical conditions and behaviours. I want you to enjoy eating, feel confident in your ability to look after yourself and not feel overwhelmed anymore.

Some examples steps we may take to help include:

  • Meal planning and food preparation ideas

  • Meal and snack ideas- for foods you enjoy

  • Looking at eating for reasons other than hunger

  • Becoming aware of hunger and satiety cues

  • Showing you how to have nutritional balance in your day to nourish your body

  • Teaching you how to interpret the nutrition information around- in stores and online

To help you make these changes, packages are available for multiple consultations.

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