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Where I Can Help

Sports Nutrition

There’s no question that nutrition is integral to athletic performance- I’m sure we’ve all experienced poor performance, recovery and lack of results when we know our nutrition was suffering.


Optimising your diet ensures the best chances of success and achieving your goals, whether for recovery, muscle building or fuelling up.


I can help you no matter whether you are looking to reach goals related to team sports, the gym or recreational activities.


Ways I can help are:

  • Explaining nutrition myths and misinformation around performance

  • Discuss the evidence (or lack thereof) behind supplements- what is actually useful?

  • Providing strategies for pre- and post-activity nutrition

  • Providing ways to increase your energy levels

  • Evaluating your diet for nutritional adequacy- are you meeting your requirements?

  • Providing ideas for meal preparation and planning

  • Setting goals related to your desired body composition

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