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Where I Can Help


No matter the type of diabetes, or near-diabetic diagnosis, it can be a daunting and difficult condition to manage. The right education can make all the difference to help you manage your blood sugar, your way.

As with all diets, there is no one perfect diet you need to follow for diabetes- I will not force you to overhaul your life. I can help by working with you and teaching you where tweaking your diet and habits can be all you need.​

Whether you have received a new diagnosis or you have been diabetic for a while and are having difficulties I can help. I will tailor my advice to your experience, lifestyle and preferences.

Some examples of ways I can help are:

  • Explaining what insulin is and how to manage your diet in relation to its use and production of insulin

  • Explaining which food and drinks affect your blood sugars

  • Teaching you the Glycemic Index of foods, what that means and whether it’s actually important for you

  • Discussing how to manage hypo- and hyperglycemia and developing strategies to avoid these

  • Explaining how to stabilise your blood sugar and avoid spikes

  • Discussing the latest information on supplements and diets in managing your condition

  • Investigating the timing of your meals and snacks throughout the day- you may not be eating enough!

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