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Corporate & Groups

Corporate Wellness

Nutrition education by an Accredited Practising Dietitian is beneficial to employees by educating and empowering them to make realistic, healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours. When employees are healthy and focusing on their well-being, their productivity, energy, focus, mental health and general health are improved. Showing employees their well-being is important, enforcing that they are valued within the workplace community.


Talk topics can vary, dependent on the needs of the group, however, it may include nutrition myth-busting, general nutrition information, label reading and other nutrition skills, nutrition for the immune system or nutrition for mental clarity and focus (avoiding the 3pm slump).


It can be difficult to find time around work to take time for your health, and so 1:1 nutrition reviews can be arranged from within the workplace. Employees would be provided with pre-consultation forms, tailored advice, recommendations and resources as required.

Group Talks

Group talks and workshops are a great way to encourage positive changes in nutrition. The types of presentations can be tailored to the audience, though can benefit gym members, schools, sports teams and community groups. As an Accredited Practising Dietitian, I enjoy discussing nutrition with people and make sure the presentations are interactive and informative. Some topics which could be discussed include:

  • Nutrition myth-busting

  • Pre- and post-workout nutrition

  • Sports nutrition and supplementation

  • Nutrition for mental health

  • Immunity and gut health

  • Nutrition for mental focus and clarity

  • Basic nutrition information suited to the group i.e. women's health, for children.

  • Label reading and nutrition skills

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