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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is an exciting new science. It gives you a unique look at your genetic profile and how your genes could impact your health. Variations of certain genes determine how your body responds to dietary choices, metabolises nutrients and may relate to increased risk of inflammation, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, for example. Much like there is no size-fits-all diet, this is another way to tailor your lifestyle to reduce your risk of disease and improve your well-being.

As the information in your report is difficult to interpret and easy to over-analyse, you do need to consult with a registered practitioner to receive your results. Working together, we can understand the current science behind genetic testing, how your genes may affect your health and what changes can be made to improve your well-being.


It is important these results are interpreted within the context of your wider health, as it is easy to be alarmed, for example, by a gene marked as a “risk” and solely focus on making changes related to this- this is not the best way to improve your well-being. It is my goal in providing this service to help those looking to undertake a genetic test by ensuring realistic and evidence-based advice and explanations are provided.

The genetic test is conducted by Nutrigenomix and assess 45 genetic markers and how these relate to your diet and health. These include:

  • Heart health: Sodium, omega-3 fats, saturated fats, whole grains and caffeine

  • Vitamins and minerals: Folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, iron (deficiency and overload) and calcium for health risks, fertility and performance

  • Weight management and body composition: weight control, physical activity, muscle mass, dietary fat types, eating habits and taste preferences

  • Predisposition to food intolerance, including lactose intolerance. Please note: this test does not diagnose Coeliac Disease, or diagnose an intolerance. 

  • Fitness and physical activity

There are two package options for this test:

Option 1  

Includes the genetic test (which will be conducted at my location), postage and shipping, personalised genetic report and a 45-minute consultation to receive and interpret your results. I will explain the findings of your report and discuss nutrition and lifestyle goals related to these findings to improve your well-being. Foll0w-up consulations will be available for those wanting to explore and monitor these goals to learn the best way this information suits your lifestyle and preferences. 


Option 2 

This option provides the most personalised approach to genetic testing. Includes a 45-minute intial consultation with me to conduct a thorough nutrition assessment and get an understanding of your personal goals and context. The genetic test will be conducted in this session and shipped for analysis. A few weeks later, a follow-up 45-minute consultation will provide you with your personalised genetic report and we will discuss the findings and specific goals we can make based on your report, current lifestyle, nutrition status and well-being.

Note: These package prices include the cost charged by the laboratory. I do not receive a fee from this.

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